Reporting Dating Scams: Psychological Signs You Are Being Defrauded

Romance scammers can not only bewitch you, they can be so very persuasive as well. Psychological consequences of being a victim of a romance scammer are quite adverse. This is why you need to report dating scams. With idealistic notions of romantic partners, many gullible people online fall prey to the machinations of these clever fraudsters. Online scammers are very clever. They use stereotypical features to snare vulnerable victims. Online dating romance scams include advance fee frauds conducted by global crime syndicates over dating and social networking sites. Online dating romance scams are rooted in the psychology that the scammer can easily hide behind a wall of anonymity online and do what he/she likes a.k.a cheat you. Online dating has really caught on. Unfortunately, so have romance scams. It is critical to consider reporting dating scams to protect yourself, recover your money, safeguard your identity and protect others as well.

  • How it Works: When Romance Scammers Steal More Than Your Heart!

Romance scammers are true criminals who create profiles with photos that are stolen, taking images of appealing models and attractive army officers, for instance. The aim here is to declare the love for the victim to the point where the guard is lowered. The scammers then attempt to defraud you of money or even steal your identity. Rapid escalation of commitment, fraud that knows no bounds and disguises that cannot be penetrated are the cornerstone of the modus operandi of these romance scammers. Seriously consider Reporting dating scams if you come across such fraudsters. Scammers may even ask for small gifts to test the waters initially. Following the receipt of such gifts, small amounts of money may be next on the line. If the victim agrees to small requests, big ones follow because the scammer has managed to get a foot in the door so as to speak, and now the victim represents a unique window of opportunity. Scammers provide a lot of details and often add news stories or use fake papers to try and impress you. Most of the time, the details and photos they sent you are stolen from genuine people. Fake documents are all about creating a convincing narrative so that they appear to be easy to relate to.

  • The Trigger Points: Gunning For Your Money

The romance scammers use emotional distress and fake sob stories to connect with you. They may have lost an inheritance and need some cash. Or a loved one may be in hospital in need of treatment, for which the scammer needs your money. Whatever the story is, it will be convincing and designed  to evoke your sympathy. Loneliness is another factor that comes into play. In this day and age of social fragmentation, the scammer preys on isolated people who have a stronger emotional response when people approach them. Openness to experience is another influential factor and so is willingness to trust. Women are easily susceptible to emotional blackmail as against pity and sympathy games played to lure male victims.

  • Fake Profiles that Sound Really Awesome

Another trick is that the criminal uses fake profiles to create a positive impression. The male may even choose to act as a widower to evoke sympathy. Female scammers rely on attractiveness, appeal and youth to entice male victims. Ensure that by  reporting dating scams (and romance scammers). Researchers have found that women are more likely to fall prey to “rich” romantic mates and men are conned by someone appealing to look at.

The relationship often moves at a rapid pace, as the scammer exploits various modes of communication to identify increments of trust and true  love that adds up to one big lie. Through the use of ICT, scammers can create a deep and trusting emotional relationship with clients. The criminal asks for gifts and tests the waters.  Then, he/she moves on to the big con. The con artist also plays mind games and you need to be on the alert for these and reporting dating scams should  be the way to go if you come across a scammer trying tricks.

  • Why Report Dating Scams?

Firstly, you need to remember that the scammer is a criminal. If you do not report dating scams, you are aiding and abetting a criminal. You are letting the fraudster get away with a evil plan to dupe you of your cash or personal details.

Secondly, even if you are clever and don’t fall for the con, it is important to report dating scams because this can save an innocent other from theft, abuse or worse. Romance scammers abuse their position of trust and their close bond and intimacy to manipulate vulnerable people into parting with cash. Sometimes, crime syndicates even try to kill people and take on their identity. They lure you to far off places to do away with you. So losing money is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to romance scams. Scammers are also oriented towards creating a situation where they are trusted beyond doubt. But just because you were clever enough to detect he/she is a scam artist, someone else might not.

By choosing not to report dating scams, you are leaving the field wide open for the fraudster to strike again. Another important reason you should report the scam is that you need to be able to protect the scam victims from meeting the same fate as yourself. A scammer may have other potential victims lined up along with you and a host of sinister motives that may multiply if you do not choose to report dating scams. So make sure you approach regulatory authorities, the fraud report section of the dating site, the fraud reporting mechanism of the social media channel and the law enforcement authorities for protection. If the scammer has decamped with your cash or stolen your identity, the best way to protect yourself (and others) is to report dating scams!