How and Where to Report a Scam to the Authorities

The government and other relevant agencies are closely working together to persuade the public to report a scam as quickly as possible. The reason behind this campaign is to help address the growing problem with scam incidents. The dramatic increase in number of scam victims has been causing significant losses to businesses and individuals alike, causing the government and other related agencies to step up their game and create more reliable solutions that will encourage victims to report the scam that they encountered.

Each time you report a scam, the authorities gain a step closer to resolving the malicious scheme. Resolving scams are not only the problem of the government, it is now a concern that everyone should address in order to impede their negative effects that are costing businesses and individuals their hard earned money.

Scams are mainly designed to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of consumers and businesses so they can advance their own illegal financial gain. Many scammers are finding various opportunities to scam other people through the use of the Internet. The Internet has become the primary platform for scammers to launch their schemes and reach out to a wider range of victims without having to spend too much of their own money. In fact, a big chunk of the scams reported over the years are primarily from online scam tactics.

One of the best ways to protect yourself against any form of scam is to keep yourself informed at all times. By constantly educating yourself regarding the community you are actively participating in, you can also get more information on what dubious schemes you should look out for. Aside from this you can also get constant updates on what you can do in case you become a victim of a scam. Knowing where and how to report a scam will not only help you save time in the future in case you run into any malicious scheme, it can also make you feel empowered against any malicious attack that may come your way. To give you some ide on how and where you can report a scam, see the tips below;

  • Scam Mails

To report a scam mail you may contact the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS). The USPIS offer various platform which you can use to report a scam utilizing the U.S Postal Service. One of the most accessible way to report a mail scam is by accessing their online fraud reporting platform at The site offers an online form where you can file a complaint. For those who have difficulty accessing their website you may also try to reach their office via snail-mail or through their hotline 1-877-876-2455. Scam mail comes in various forms. In fact, many of the email scams we are receiving today were initially delivered through the U.S Postal Service which scammers are continuously using so they can make their scam more convincing. USPIS have designated postal inspector who can conduct an investigation based on the mail fraud complaint that you filed.

  • Investment Scams

To report a scam on investment you may contact the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. SEC offers an online platform where you can provide the details of the investment scam that you encountered. They also accept reports via snail mail or through their hotline. Investment scams are commonly offered to random victims via phone or email. These scammers offer low-risk, high-yield investment opportunities in order to convince their victims. Once the scammer has the money, all forms of communication will just suddenly stop, leaving the victims high and dry. Common victims of this scam are retirees who are looking for ways to grow their retirement fund.

  • Identity Fraud

To report a scam like identity fraud you may contact the Federal Trade Commission or FTC. FTC is equipped with an online platform dedicated specifically for victims of identity fraud. This online platform is made up of list of questions that will answer to the important information regarding the incident you are reporting. The more information you can provide the greater the chance the authorities can help resolve your case. Aside from the reporting platform, you may also take advantage of the details provided by FTC that will help you recover your identity and repair the damages caused by the scammers using your information. You may also report identity fraud to your local police station, which is one of the requirements of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or FDIC. FDIC insures your interest against any unauthorized and unlawful charges conducted using your name. To protect yourself against criminal and financial liabilities committed by the scammers using your name it is highly recommended that you report the incident to the mentioned agencies.

  • Phishing Scams

To report a phishing scam you can either go directly to FTC or you can inform the company being misrepresented in the phishing scam. Many phishing scam utilize the name and spoof the website of a legit business that you or other victims may be affiliated with. Scammers who use this tactic aims to discreetly gather your personal and financial information which they can use to convert your credit limit into cash or to gain access to your financial resources. By reporting the scam to the company that they are misrepresenting , you can save more people from becoming victims to the same scam. The company can take immediate action to help protect their clients from any further attacks from the same scammer by issuing an official warning to their clients and asking the assistance from the proper authorities.

The details provided above are just some of the useful resources that you can use to report a scam. You’ll notice that many of the platforms where you can report a scam are now also online. This is to ensure that a readily accessible arena is always there when you need to report a scam. The faster you report it, the higher the chance authorities can catch them red-handed.