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Top Scams Reported in 2016

The top scams, or the list of the most reported scams based on the previous year’s record, have cost individuals, businesses, and investors millions of dollars worth of losses. Many of these scams would have been avoided with the help of proper information. However, despite the efforts of various government and private institutions, people are… Read More »

Phony Money? The Top Scams in the Financial World

Massive financial losses, public spectacles, dodgy pyramid schemes, celeb falls from grace and rogue traders make for the top scams of all times in the financial world. From ancient Rome to modern day Wall Street, every age is renowned for financial fraudsters known for perpetrating the top scams in the financial world. These scammers use… Read More »

Top Scams That Target Online Businesses

Online business scams are not new – they emerged at the same time that the e-commerce industry began. The top scams that have been victimizing small and large businesses in the early days are still the same ones as today, but have evolved into more malicious types that target online entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in… Read More »