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Who is Actually Behind Dating Scams?

Criminal syndicates around the world continue to prey on unsuspecting users by constantly devising new ways to lure victims into their fraudulent schemes on the Web. They do this to circumvent the latest online security technologies and Web privacy protocols. They also monitor industry movement and market trends to improve their victim targeting processes and… Read More »

Where are Girlfriend Scams Most Prevalent?

Girlfriend scams have been around for as long as dating sites have existed. It’s always the same technique: An impostor will pretend to be a potential suitor, will lure the unsuspecting victim into a whirlwind online romance, then proceed to steal their cash in the end. Before the Internet age, these romance scammers usually picked… Read More »

What Kind of Fraud Websites Have Committed Dating Scams?

Fraud websites have proliferated together with the development of Technology. As the online platform progresses, big scammers have taken advantage of it. As a result, thousands of lives have been ruined, millions in funds have been stolen, and a lot of information has been compromised. This upsetting issue should be put to halt as soon… Read More »

What Do Fake “Girlfriends” Usually Ask For When They Commit Fraud Online?

Fraud online continues to rapidly evolve. Back then, scammers sent out spam emails to as many users as possible, without targeting any particular group. Over the years, these criminal syndicates started creating malicious technologies to steal a user’s browsing habits, which they use to send spam emails to more targeted recipients. For the past few… Read More »

Fraud Reporting is Easy at Big Scammers

Many victims of Internet fraud have a misconception that fraud reporting is difficult. However, this is not always the case. Recently, volunteer groups and national authorities have exerted a lot of effort in encouraging victims of Internet fraud to report the incident to the appropriate authorities. The purpose of this is simple: to put an… Read More »

What are the Different Categories of Business Fraud?

Business fraud continues to be a huge problem worldwide. Several decades ago, most fraudulent schemes were caused by internal problems in small and big businesses. This still happens within many businesses today, but with the rapidly growing popularity of e-commerce around the world for the past few decades – e-commerce fraud is fast becoming a… Read More »

Reporting Scam Emails has Never Been Easier at Big Scammers!

Reporting scam emails has many advantages and benefits. If you’re a regular Web user, then you’ve surely encountered scam emails. Many others around the world have been victimized by fraudulent schemes on the Web, which are mostly perpetrated by criminal syndicates worldwide through these scam emails. Filing anonymous reports that are publicly viewable on the… Read More »

Take Fraud Action and Beat Scammers Before They Act

Proper fraud action must be taken in order to stop scammers from getting what they want. Online scams have become too big of a problem for millions of Internet users for several years now. Everyday, there are incidents being reported by victims of online scams. This problem is becoming a serious one because your life… Read More »

What is Internet Fraud and How to Prevent It

As businesses and individuals turn to the internet to conduct more and more of their enterprises and lives on the web, the chances of being scammed greatly increase. The online world is not the same as it was 20 years ago and many new types of fraudulent schemes have emerged since then. Recognizing what is… Read More »