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Why Must One Report Phishing Websites?

The internet age has its own pitfalls and flaws revealing the murkier side of technology loopholes, phishing websites being one of the top rated internet scams. An overview of the growing need to report phishing websites is given here: What are phishing websites? Understanding the nature and operating techniques of phishing websites will throw light… Read More »

Report Phishing Websites to the Proper Authorities

Learning where to report phishing websites is highly valuable information that can benefit numerous people. Phishing scams are so common these days that they are always in the list of topmost reported scams. The effects of these malicious attack are causing individuals and businesses major losses, which is why the government and other independent authorities… Read More »

Where do You Report Phishing Websites if You Suspect a Scam?

Phishing Websites are those that use the Internet to lure unsuspecting users to part with their personal information like bank or credit card account details and then taking money from their accounts. Authentic and legitimate organizations do not ask for such information through email. The message may be in the shape of a threat, indicating… Read More »