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How to Report a Scammer This 2017

There are convenient ways that you can do to report a scammer. However, not a lot of users know this, which is one of the main reasons why online scams are left unreported and ignored by many victims around the world. They still think that reporting scammers is a long and tedious process that can… Read More »

How to Report a Scammer Who Manipulates Online Payment Tools

Online payment frauds have been happening on an increasing trend, taking millions of online merchants as well as buyers to task. The security of online payments depends to a great extent on the quality of payment gateway and payment tools that are used. The payment gateway is trusted both by the merchants and the buyers… Read More »

Big Scammers Report A Scammer Function – Top Categories

Due to the rapid growth of cyber fraud around the world, all Internet users should contribute to the global fight against the most prevalent Web crimes, malware technologies and online scams today. Organized crime syndicates are even combining offline tactics and schemes with their online technology resources to victimize more users on the Internet. One… Read More »

When You Should Report A Scammer to Authorities?

Have you been a victim of a fraud or scam? The first step you need to take is to report the scammer to the authorities. There are also key steps to take to reduce the risk of losing more money or keeping your private information confidential and safeguarding yourself from being targeted by the scammer… Read More »

Why It Has Never Been Easier to Report a Scammer

To encourage more people to report a scammer the government and various organizations are continuously developing platforms and other arenas where you can easily file a complaint against a scammer. The growing number of scammers online has alerted the government and various organizations to take action and be more aggressive in the approach to their… Read More »

Why You Should Report A Scammer at

When you report a scammer, you save a number of people from becoming a victim of a fraudulent act. Plus, you also get the chance to help address or end a scam. The online platform utilized by the scammers has allowed them to easily get to the global market, making it more difficult to catch… Read More »

Report a Scammer to Appropriate Law Enforcing Bodies

The world of the Internet is a mixed bouquet of opportunities and threats. The ugly face of Internet scamsblights the immaculate framework of digital technology. Countries cooperate with one another in drawing out plan of action to nab these scammers who operate undercover and camouflage themselves in the thicket of anonymity, non-traceability and the loop… Read More »

How to Report a Scammer for Different Types of Online Fraud?

Scams have become a common feature in the present day cyber environment. If someone defrauds you for their personal or financial gain, it amounts to a criminal offence. The fraud may fall under any of four categories such as i) Identity Fraud, ii) Internet Fraud, i ii) Credit Card Fraud or iv) Other Types of… Read More »

Dating Scams – How to Report a Scammer

When it comes to online dating, the results could drastically vary from one member to the next. With so many sites offering people the chance to connect with random strangers, the results have been a mixed bag. While some people have been fortunate enough to find true love, others were not so fortunate. You routinely… Read More »