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Different Types of Phishing Websites Scams

Many organizations have reported that there has been an increase in phishing attacks. However, most of the companies don’t feel they are prepared to face such attacks and protect themselves. They don’t feel confident enough that they can spot the phishing websites scams running on the internet today. Listed below are six phishing scams and… Read More »

Different Types of Phishing Websites

Phishing websites are popularly used by fraudsters to unsuspectingly harvest personal and financial information from their victims. Every year, hundreds of people are victimized by this malicious tactic. Fraudsters using phishing websites are constantly changing their tactics to avoid detection and gather more victims.  Being one of the cheapest and the easiest means to bait… Read More »

Some Typical Phishing Websites To Look Out For

Scammers set up fake emails or phishing websites that mimic the sign in pages of trusted companies. What is the aim of this? The scammers trap people into disclosing their user name and password. This is a practice known as phishing derived from a play on the word fishing, with fraudsters fishing for private account… Read More »