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How to Avoid the Latest Types of Online Fraud with BigScammers.Com

A lot of Internet users don’t consider online fraud to be a big problem that can significantly affect their lives. Most of them don’t take the necessary precautions when dealing with strangers on the Web. People may download all types of digital content from Internet repositories, even from illegitimate sites with copyrighted content. A lot… Read More »

Online Fraud: How to Avoid Internet Dating Scams

Finding love online has become increasingly common, with people often joining forums and social sites to get closer to finding a “special someone.” Unfortunately, for those targeted by scammers, it can be a life-ruining experience rather than a life-changing one. Avoid online fraud and romance scams, by spotting them before they do damage. Here’s how… Read More »

Predictions for Online Fraud in 2017

Organized Fraudsters constantly devise new online fraud tactics and schemes to victimize their target users. They’re able to do this by tracking the activity of their intended victims during their day-to-day activities on the Internet. They also observe the behavior of their target victims in the Web platforms and applications that they regularly use. Depending… Read More »

How Online Fraud has Changed in the Last Ten Years

In the past decade, internet scams have changed from amateur attempts by miscreants to dangerous cons run by organized crime syndicates. Internet scamming has grown from strength to strength in the past 10 years. The US FTC received 25 thousand daily complaints about internet scams in the 2000s. Now, it is receiving a 100 fold… Read More »

How to Report Online Fraud in Australia

We may deplore the growth of online fraud, but many would say it is inevitable as a side-effect of expanding Internet access. Consider that in 1995, only 0.4% of the world’s population had access to the World Wide Web. That represented some 16 million persons back then. Fast forward to 2016 and the number had… Read More »

How to Report Online Fraud in Different Countries

Falling prey to online fraud can be so frustrating that many people surrender after experiencing it. While it is true that a measure of resignation can be useful in some cases, you should be aware that there are still things that you can and probably should do. One of these is to tell others about… Read More »

Internet Security Suites Features to Protect Against Online Fraud in 2016

When you access the internet, you open up your computer and personal information to online fraud. Anyone can hack into your private network to steal money or data without the proper precautions. Purchasing a security suite program for your PC computer helps defend against potential threats and allows you to surf the web without the… Read More »

How to Deal with Online Fraud as a Victim

Statistics show that internet scams are very widespread, and at least one person that you talk to regularly has been a victim of it. Though many people are embarrassed after an incident where they had been played for a fool and chose not to mention online fraud when it happens to them, talking would very… Read More »

Online Fraud Prevention Tips for the Most Common Forms of Scams

There are many different types of online fraud that make tackling cyber crime a difficult and challenging proposition for government authorities.   Digital predators who stealthily crawl the net are continuously on the lookout for victims. They know the weaker points of the human mind and lure innocent victims by offering outrageous offers.  It is a… Read More »