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New Money Scams Emerging in the USA

Money scams continue to victimize unsuspecting citizens all over the world. In the USA, many of these fraudulent schemes are advertised in classified sites and popular social media platforms like Facebook, InstaGram and Twitter. Even if the tactics and schemes that are used by the fraudsters who operate these Web crimes regularly change from time… Read More »

20 Money Scams that You Need to Keep an Eye Out For!

You can lock your doors to keep the burglars out, but ensuring that you don’t become a victim of money scams is much harder. People scam you in the safety of your home which is why it is important to know every detail of these types of fraud. More and more people are being scammed… Read More »

Money Scams to be Aware Of in 2017

For the past several years, money scams on the Internet have continued to grow at an alarming pace. This can be attributed to the astounding popularity of social networks like Facebook and Twitter among others, according to a lot of cyber security specialists. This is perhaps why many of the most recent fraudulent financial schemes… Read More »

Fraudster Umar Abdul Malik

I received the attached email this morning, and it had all the signs of a classic 419 scam. A quick search of the internet confirmed this…seems like thousands of people have received this letter asking for advance fees. Definite fraud, watch out.

Kate Sengbe Sankawulo

Beware scammer!! Kate contacted me on looking to use me to transfer $5.7 million to my bank account and said she’d give me 20% for the favour! I cannot believe that people fall for these elaborate scams, but just in case I thought I’d better put it online for the world to see. Don’t… Read More »

How Money Scams Affect Consumers, Both Online and Offline

Paying to get a job If you are asked to pay a fee for getting a job, then it’s a definite money scam. It doesn’t matter how badly you need a job, you need to run far away from that email. These money scams are thriving mainly because jobs are less easily available and people are… Read More »

Beware of Money Scams that Involve Money Transfer Services

Criminal syndicates and fraudsters worldwide are all trying to keep pace with the latest technological breakthroughs and recent trends that have significant effects on the behavior of their intended victims in their target countries. They do this to identify the best Web platforms and computer systems or mobile programs to target for their malicious applications.… Read More »

Watch Out for Money Scams from Fake Online Banks

Money scams are among the various cyber crimes causing people million dollars worth of losses every year. As the access to the digital world advances, cyber criminals are also busy improving their craft on how they can illegally monetize these advances. Money scams are well documented and people are already well-aware of their existence. What… Read More »

Use These Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to Money Scams

Money scams are common—so common, in fact that you will very likely run into advertisements for at least one of them after less than an hour online. Given their ubiquity, you should be on your guard against these schemes. It can be tempting to poke fun at those who fall for them, until you realize… Read More »

The Ten Most Famous Corporate Money Scams

Over the last two decades, corporations emerged as financial powerhouses driving much of the economy and causing many scandals. Many listed committed money scams that affected millions of people in the United States. The lack of prosecution against those who participated in these crimes and the ongoing economic recession contributed the public demanding thorough investigations… Read More »