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What are the Latest Types of Money Fraud in Cyberspace?

Money fraud continues to be a big problem worldwide. Despite all the good things that the Internet has brought us, bad social elements still find ways to exploit peoples’ vulnerabilities. They do this to benefit from their scams, often ruining the lives of their victims in the process. A lot of crooks and organized criminal… Read More »

Money Fraud: What is the Black Money Scam?

Money fraud is a certain type of cyber scam, which continues to plague many users around the world. There are different forms of cyber fraud. Some involve malicious technologies and nothing else. These are distributed across heavily trafficked online channels like software repositories and P2P (peer to peer) file sharing networks as tampered installers and… Read More »

Aleli Rose Fernando

Victim of Aleli Rose Fernando. This is an online scammer. Took the money worth 7,000 php and deactivated her facebook accounts.

A Beginner’s Guide to Money Fraud and How to Avoid It

Many internet users worldwide have fallen for money fraud. With the popularity of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, more users are being lured and tricked into unknowingly participating in these money scams. In fact, cyber security experts claim a 30% growth in monthly online scam incidents in the USA this year as… Read More »

Beware of Money Fraud When Using Financial Services Such as Western Union

Money fraud is one of the biggest reasons, why many financial institutions have taken drastic measures to improve their security features. Financial institutions like banks, lending companies and even Money Transfer services are know to have strict security features to ensure the safety of their clients, but some fraudsters are just too determined to breach… Read More »

Prevention of Money Fraud in Online Transactions

We have almost done away with handling large volumes of cash in its physical form. Especially when it comes to money transfers, we no longer see cash counters at banks thronging with huge crowds. While business transactions have become paperless, commercial transactions have become cashless. Cashless transactions have the advantage of safety, quickness and flexibility.… Read More »

How To Stay Alert and Avoid Money Fraud

Technology, like every other scientific invention has both its uses and misuses. Though we have been greatly benefited with the invention of the Internet, we are also dealing with some of its adverse effects. There are more than hundred ways by which we can be duped into losing our money. With continuous advancements being made… Read More »

Ways to Shield Yourself from Online Money Fraud

How you negotiate online fraud depends not on your education but on discernment. A large percentage of victims of money fraud turn out to be well educated. Scammers get better as they go along, improvising and sharpening their skills. It would not be far from the truth to state that the rate at which criminals… Read More »

Different Types of Money Fraud You Should Be Aware Of on the Internet

With millions of online scams doing the rounds on the internet right now, web users must be very careful when it comes to their spending habits. To stay protected from various types of money fraud, users need to exercise caution while surfing online. Here are some simple tips to help you develop a better understanding… Read More »