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How Can You Protect Yourself Against Internet Fraud this Year?

Internet fraud continues to plague millions of unsuspecting Web users worldwide. In the USA alone, cyber security specialists and experts in the finance industry are expecting over $19 billion of losses due to credit card fraud and identity theft by the end of 2018. In the UK, each victim loses an average of €101,000 because… Read More »

Internet Fraud: How to Check Investment Scams Online

The internet fraud most common in the financial world is the online investment scam. The internet is useful as a tool for business, but when it comes to websites, online messages or spam emails can reach massive numbers with a limited effort. It is easy for scammers to make messages look similar to the genuine… Read More »

Filing a Police Complaint for Internet Fraud?

Getting a complaint filed from the local Police and receiving a crime information report is of pivotal importance to proceed with the criminal investigation of internet fraud. Since these crimes are multi-dimensional, across different geographies and governments, it is important to understand the protocols of police complaint so that there are no hiccups in further… Read More »

How Cyber Crime and Internet Fraud Became the Most Common Offences

Internet fraud is rapidly increasing in prevalence as the World Wide Web continues to become the de facto platform for media communications, entertainment, business transactions and a variety of day-to-day activities of individuals and groups across the globe. This has also spawned more bad elements like lone scammers and organized criminal syndicates to scale up… Read More »

Recent Cases of Internet Fraud that Went Public

Internet fraud criminals have greatly impacted both individuals and businesses, ever since the Internet was invented and became popular. The Internet has truly provided its users with a different way to see how people live. Just a short click from your desktop computer, phone, or tablet can get you to purchase things online with a… Read More »

Internet Fraud on Dating Sites – Dangers and Annoyances

Internet fraud activities committed on dating sites are becoming more rampant over time. Studies show that scammers have gained millions of dollars from taking advantage of the emotionally vulnerable members of the online dating community. Every year a significant portion of estimated Internet fraud losses is attributed to online romance scamming.  As one of the… Read More »

Types of Internet Fraud That You Should Know About

Internet fraud relates to the use of internet services or other software products to cheat people of their money. They can steal the personal information of web users and later use it to carry out identity theft, which happens to be one of the most common forms of internet fraud. The scammers then go on… Read More »

How to Deal with Internet Fraud After the Event

Internet fraud is easily one of the biggest hazards you can run into on the Web nowadays, and it is getting ever more common. As with most other hazards, the adage runs true here that a pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is for this reason that most of the material… Read More »

The FBI’s Guide to Internet Fraud and Online Safety

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation operates many programs to promote online safety and help prevent internet fraud. They offer a variety of useful tips on their website, educational programs for students and teachers, and a reporting system that connects leaders in industries with high risks of cybercrime to report and learn about possible… Read More »

Some Advice to Prevent Internet Fraud

Each year millions of people are conned by practitioners of Internet fraud for billions of dollars. The con artists use imaginative schemes often based on current events and aided by the latest technologies to get people to wire money or disclose delicate information. It is wise to be prepared for such scams before falling for… Read More »