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Tips on How to File a Fraud Report

Filing a fraud report is a crucial practice that everyone should know. Whether you have become a victim of fraud or not, it essential for you to know how to file against a fraudulent scheme that you may encounter. Knowing how to file a report on fraud is similar to knowing self defense. When the… Read More »

How to Issue a Fraud Report Online

There are numerous reasons as to why you would need to issue a fraud report online, but issuing a fraud report goes beyond reporting a problem to authorities – you need to go to the source of the issue as well. Here’s how you can report a problem links and online frauds for eight big… Read More »

Big Scammers Fraud Report: Why US Identity Fraud Cases Grew to 15.4m Last Year

A recent fraud report has surfaced from Javelin Strategy and Research, confirming a record high growth of identity fraud cases in 2016. Although the expected behavior of every fraud report is to increase every year, this type of sudden increase is still considered unusual. Experts, businesses and government authorities are all looking into the possible… Read More »

How Filing a Fraud Report is the First Step Towards Making a Case

The top consumer complaint for 13 straight years has been identity theft. According to the FTC, more than 70 million American citizens each year are impacted by data breaches. From Target to the Neiman Marcus data breach, identity theft remains the major concern for most. The first critical step to take when you face identity… Read More »

I’ve Filed my Fraud Report with – What Do I Do Next?

Filing a fraud report with is just a preliminary step in filing a fraud complaint. Getting caught up in fraudulent activity and taking necessary action to combat its effects usually takes a long and drawn out process to complete.  The initial report you file with is mainly for educating other consumers on an… Read More »

How Do You File a Fraud Report in the USA?

Being completely aware of what to do, what to look for, and when to make a fraud report is important if a person wants to protect themselves, and their family. Cybercrimes such as spamming, Internet fraud, and hacking are sure to affect practically everyone at some time. Some of these criminals usually depend on the… Read More »

File a Fraud Report with the Federal Trade Commission

The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) created their online Complaint Assistant portal to help victims of fraud report and recover after being scammed. Follow the steps below to file a report with the FTC immediately after you realize the scam. Keep in contact with the con artist, if possible, without keeping yourself at risk… Read More »

Making a fraud report and basic guidelines to insulate against frauds

Internet scams are varied and are committed with malicious intentions of deceit and forgery. They are targeted at gullible internet users, who fall prey to the unethical designs of the fraudsters. The victims end up losing huge sums of money, their reputation and peace of mind. Fraud report in cases of internet scams can be… Read More »

Filing a Fraud Report for Credit Card Fraud Online

Online banking services have been welcomed with open arms by the public. People no longer have to make repeated visits to brick and mortar stores to make purchases. They can get all kinds of products at considerably subsidized rates through various e-commerce platforms on the web. The fact that you can pay using your credit… Read More »