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How a Victim Can Take Fraud Action in the UK

Taking fraud action in the UK is highly encouraged by the government. One of the primary reasons for this, is to combat the growing problems caused by different types of fraud that are plaguing the country.  When a victim files a complaint against a fraudulent activity, it opens up numerous positive avenues for the victim,… Read More »

Action Fraud, taking Fraud Action in the UK Seriously

Plenty of British people have fallen victim to many kind of cybercrime, including identity theft, hacking, social media abuse, and other types of fraud action found in the UK. Losses coming from these online crimes now cost at least £670M per year. Even though plenty of these cases have gone unreported, the real economic costs… Read More »

Facts and Formalities for Dealing with Fraud Action in the UK

A fraud action is said to arise when someone adopts some kind of trick or illegal means for gaining a dishonest advantage over another person, particularly related to a financial matter. Such action is known by a number of nomenclatures such as scam, cheat, con, hoax, swindle, hoodwink, extortion, confidence trick, or double-cross. Whatever the… Read More »

Effective Fraud Action to Outplay Fraudsters at Their Own Game

We are inhabitants of the digital world where technology and speed reign supreme. We perform business deals across the globe in real time and are able to get in touch with a person living in the remotest corner of the world in a matter of seconds. Online share trading, share marketing, video calls, conferences, automated… Read More »