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How Easy Is It to Spot Dating Scams?

Are you worried about dating scams? Today it seems the number of scams we have to watch out for continues to increase. One of them is the list of scams that involve dating. You might be wondering how easy these are to spot, but before discussing this, it’s important to know exactly what it is.… Read More »

What is the Online Dating Industry Doing About Dating Scams?

Dating usually has positive connotations whether it’s catching a movie or a candlelight dinner. However, sometimes it can become a nightmare where dating scams are concerned. So what are they all about? These scams are all about people taking advantage of people who are looking for love. Dating scams often involve channels such as social… Read More »

Roselin Janba

Roselin or Rose, messaged me on Plenty of Fish dating site. Asked me to help her transfer 8.6 million dollars to her bank account. This was immediately alarming from someone I met on a dating site! Said she was interred at a refugee camp and that it was difficult to access banking facilities, then forwarded… Read More »

Dating Scammer Jessica Winter

This girl, “Jessica” said she had a sick mom and asked me to marry her, etc, etc. Was drawn into it and only changed my mind after she asked for $600 for “medical bills” but couldn’t give specific details why. Managed to get her phone and email, so posted here incase anyone else is duped… Read More »

How to Avoid Dating Scams 101

You can easily find a partner by visiting dating websites, social media or apps, but you ought to be wary of scammers. They pretend to be your prospective companions and then, playing on your emotional triggers, force you to give them gifts, money or personal details. If you fall victim to these dating scams you… Read More »

Report Dating Scams Anonymously at

Fraudsters and criminal syndicates want to victimize as many users as possible, so they constantly think of all kinds of Web scams and fraudulent Internet schemes. They do this to steal as much money as possible from their victims, or to use the private information and personal details of unsuspecting users for their other illegal… Read More »

Scammer Daria Troyhina

Says she is from South Africa, living in the UK, but actually from Russia. Simple IP check on Skype confirmed this. I became suspicious when she asked me to buy her an air ticket back to S.A on only the second time we chatted. From the moment we met I had the impression she had… Read More »

Dating Scams: What Precautions Should You Take?

Online dating scams are growing at an alarming pace all around the world. This is shown by the number of scam complaints this year, which were posted by users in BigScammers.Com among other online communities that help fight scams on the Web. Many of these complaints involved Internet dating fraud. The FBI (Federal Bureau of… Read More »

What to Look For to Avoid Dating Scams

The Federal Bureau of Investigation warns internetusers to keep an eye out for online dating scams. These fraudulent schemes are operated by criminal syndicates worldwide and are growing at an alarming rate in the USA. Action Fraud, the national online crime center of the UK, also warns British citizens to be careful about dating scams… Read More »

How to Recognize Dating Scams Online

The world of online romance is scary enough without having to deal with dating scams. Opening your heart to someone, only to find out you were being lied to the whole time hurts. It can be devastating when not only do you lose your partner, but also a significant amount of money as well. Take… Read More »