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Recent Credit Card Fraud Tactics & Schemes in the USA

Credit card fraud remains as one of the biggest problems around the world when it comes to Web scams, online crimes and fraudulent cyber schemes. This has caused millions of users and businesses in many countries to lose a lot of money and a great deal of suffering over the years. In the USA, $8… Read More »

Important Facts to Know About Credit Card Fraud

What is Credit Card Fraud? Credit Card Fraud is a kind of fraud that involves using a payment method such as a credit card or debit card, fraudulently to make funds in a transaction. It has, basically, two purposes; namely obtaining unauthorized funds from the account of another person or by obtaining goods without making… Read More »

Credit Card Fraud – Do the New Security Chips Really Add to Security?

Credit card fraud is one of the most common types of fraud online. Since credit and debit card is the most widely utilized form of online payment, it is almost always under constant attack from fraudsters. Fraudsters who commit credit card fraud usually obtain their victims’ credit information online.  Many of these fraudsters are skilled… Read More »

What are Governments Doing to Combat Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud is one of the most rampant financial crimes you will find taking place on the internet. Governments come to the aid of victims by enacting a series of anti-fraud and disciplinary methods that can challenge the scammers. The different Governmental measures to contain spread of this type of fraud are as follows:… Read More »

Credit Card Fraud: How to Handle Phony Card Charges

Credit card fraud is one of the biggest problems around the world when it comes to online and offline scams. In the USA, $8 billion worth of losses due to “card not present scams” were reported by cyber security groups and ecommerce experts in 2014. These analysts also predict a 125% growth in credit card… Read More »

How to Handle Credit Card Fraud and Actions that You Should Take

Credit card fraud still remains one of the biggest problems in the world today when it comes to financial scams. Through the Internet, more criminal syndicates and solo fraudsters can now use very minimal resources to devise ways for luring unsuspecting credit card holders into their cyber traps. Many of them also exploit vulnerabilities in… Read More »

Credit Card Fraud – Who NOT to Give Your Money To

Credit card fraud continues to be a major problem worldwide. Criminal syndicates keep on creating new workaround tactics for card not present platforms. Scammers also adapt to changing online payment systems. These are some of the main reasons why many experts in the USA predict a whopping 125% growth in card not present scams from… Read More »

Different Examples of Credit Card Fraud in Use Today

Credit card fraud cases have dramatically increased, as access to digital payments and shopping transactions become available to more and more people. Credit cards are often targeted by scammers, mainly because they are utilized as a primary payment option for online transactions. Credit card fraud problems have now become a global issue that various agencies… Read More »

Is Credit Card Fraud Mostly Conducted Online These Days?

Credit card fraud happens when an unauthorized person charges purchases to a stolen credit card. This is conducted either through the theft of the card and using it for shopping and then forging the card owner’s signature, or it may be just the theft of the information that the card carries like the name of… Read More »