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Small Business Fraud: Overview And How to Tackle It

Many small business owners erroneously believe that business fraud will not be something that happens to them. But the unfortunate truth is that business fraud is commonplace, especially for startups and nascent companies. Small businesses are organizations with less than 100 employees. They are most likely to fall prey to occupational, workplace fraud. Per employee… Read More »

I was subscribed to their free plan and was charged $400 without receiving an invoice or being informed in any way about the amount of the fee. The website does not disclose pricing. I should have been warned before being charged and have the option to cancel. The website tricks users by saying their service… Read More »

Business Fraud and How to Best Protect Your Business

Business fraud is one of the major issues in online businesses today. As the online fraud rate continues to increase more online merchants are becoming restless, trying to find the best ways to protect their business and reduce their losses from these  malicious schemes. Nowadays, business fraud is so serious that it’s causing many start… Read More »

Major Examples of Business Fraud in 2016

The major business fraud examples of 2016 have revolved around data breaches (such as the Sony hacking scam). Data has become the latest source of industrial espionage and theft of valuable resources in the corporate world. #1 Collection Scams This is one of the leading business frauds according to the Better Business Bureau. Manipulative telemarketers… Read More »

Don’t be Caught Out by Business Fraud – Take these steps to avoid it!

If you’re making an attempt to start up a virtual business, you need to watch out for business fraud – What the warning signs are, how they usually operate, what their targets usually comprise of, etc. Online fraud is a bit different,when compared to offline business fraud. Preventing an online crook from sabotaging your business… Read More »

Eleven Kinds of Business Fraud That Will Kill Your Company

Small companies and corporations alike can fall victim to business fraud, whether operating online or in person. Small business owners fear being scammed since losing a little will easily kill a company. Large corporations who suffer data breaches can lose millions in profits alone due to loss of credibility and trustworthiness. Sometimes the scammers work… Read More »

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Business Fraud

Employee fraud these days has become a major problem that is faced by organizations of all types, sizes and industries. While we usually believe that all our employees are trustworthy and working for the betterment of the organization, there are still many reasons why your employees may commit business fraud and several ways in which… Read More »