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How to Avoid Cyber Fraud in 2017

Cyber fraud continues to grow at an alarming rate all around the world. Phishing scams are victimizing unsuspecting users in many countries. RSA FraudAction claimed in their recent report that more than 120 new phishing attacks were launched every hour on average last year, and 48% of these phishing scams targeted American users. This is… Read More »

Big Scammers Cyber Fraud Reporting Advice for US Citizens

This year’s Big Scammers cyber fraud reports show that credit card scams and identity theft remain as among the biggest problems in many countries today. In the USA, fraudulent credit card schemes and identity theft make up a significant percentage in the more than 800 monthly Web crime cases that were filed on average by… Read More »

Big Scammers Cyber Fraud Resources Can Help

Big Scammers cyber fraud reports offer various benefits to readers. The Big Scammers website is among the many websites who have taken the initiative to help the government in their battle against cyber fraud. The battle against cyber fraud is a major concern in various countries. Over the years, people from different parts of the… Read More »