Month: February 2017

Fraudster Umar Abdul Malik

I received the attached email this morning, and it had all the signs of a classic 419 scam. A quick search of the internet confirmed this…seems like thousands of people have received this letter asking for advance fees. Definite fraud, watch out.

Kate Sengbe Sankawulo

Beware scammer!! Kate contacted me on looking to use me to transfer $5.7 million to my bank account and said she’d give me 20% for the favour! I cannot believe that people fall for these elaborate scams, but just in case I thought I’d better put it online for the world to see. Don’t… Read More »

Roselin Janba

Roselin or Rose, messaged me on Plenty of Fish dating site. Asked me to help her transfer 8.6 million dollars to her bank account. This was immediately alarming from someone I met on a dating site! Said she was interred at a refugee camp and that it was difficult to access banking facilities, then forwarded… Read More »

Beware: Tecademics and Chris Record

I ordered a home study video course product from that company for $2000 for shits and giggles (had no intent to actually keep the product, was going to refund right away) and they never delivered. I handed them $2000 and got nothing in return. Customer support said “it is being made at the moment, please… Read More »

Dating Scammer Jessica Winter

This girl, “Jessica” said she had a sick mom and asked me to marry her, etc, etc. Was drawn into it and only changed my mind after she asked for $600 for “medical bills” but couldn’t give specific details why. Managed to get her phone and email, so posted here incase anyone else is duped… Read More »